Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ongeri and Karega..."You are so Vain...."

"You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you....don't you..don't you....."
Remember that legendary tune by Carly Simon which went on like that? Well, that tune just reminds me of these two "twin brothers" Prof Ongeri and Prof Karega who both happen to be whole professors or as we say in Swahili.."maprofesa wazima!" They are so vain they probably think this post is about them! The reason why they are vexing me is obvious. Millions and millions of cash has just vanished in thin air under their watch at the ministry of education. Yes, gone up in smoke like a grandmother's green-blue fart!

Well, nothing new there when it comes to our dodgy coalition Govt which we foolishly had so much faith in only to be disappointed big..big time! Talk about giving someone respect only for them to spit in your face! Of course they may be innocent when they say they never personally pocketed the cash (they all say that don't they?), but ultimately the buck stops with both professors! When things are rosy in that docket, they grab the credit and limelight but what do they do when things go hay-wire? In true Kenyan/African custom, they sing that song by Shaggy that goes like.."It wasn't me..!" What a crying shame we have.

What annoys me and most Kenyans is the fact that despite all the pressure from nearly every sensible person (except they want to finish my tribe brigade), they still cling on to their jobs without any sensitivity or shame. If they are are innocent (yeah right!) as they would like us to believe, why not step aside to facilitate credible investigations then come back when cleared? This is what happens in all serious democracies but looks like we are living in a banana republic where highly paid Govt officials cling on to their jobs despite the public mood on the ground...mta do nini mafala?

So where is the president (don't tell me he's still snoozing for God's sake!) in all this horrible mess that involves stealing education money from the most needy schools kids? Kibaki must wake up and exercise his authority by asking these two men to step aside if indeed their conscience can't let them. Please Baba jimmy, I know asking the two guys to resign may sound like an old wive's tale to your ears but then again just go on and do it for the sake of million of innocent kids out there.

By clinging on to their offices, PS Karega and minister Ongeri are only hurting and eroding the president's and Govt's oh and Kenyan image even further. Why can't these guys see that unless they are blinded by ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy? Do we have to always kick someone out of office when they are kicking, cursing, yelling and screaming instead of them using their Guts (which the almighty gave them free?) Karega and Ongeri...Bure Kabisa!

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