Monday, November 22, 2010

Leave Sonko Alone And Go For the Well Known Big Criminals.

Of course the police want to be 'seen to be doing something' in regard to recent waves of corruption and soar away crime in good old Kenya. So they go for Sonko, the newly elected Makadara MP. This is after they had given him a certificate of good conduct to vie for the said seat! The police even comically took him to court today, late in the evening knowing very well that the court was closed for the day and the good judge possibly sipping cold tusker somewhere away from the madness of criminals.

Why can't the bungling and inept police, voted continuously for over 5 years as the most corrupt institution, go for the real big fish? If indeed they wanted, they would be spoilt for choice. From Goldenberg scumbags, Triton thieves, Anglo Leasing bandits and Grand Regency looters? Hell, they could even opt to look into Passat deal, De la Rue, Free primary education, IDP funds, Maize scam etc. These are the biggest thieves, liars, crooks and cheats ruining our economy and lives of innocent Kenyans who continue dying due to lack of medicare, bad roads, lack of relief food and books for kids in schools. What about the land grabbers and cocaine smugglers lurking inside the Govt that were recently named by the American ambassador?

I'm not saying that Sonko is innocent or guilty, that's not for me to judge. Most people view him as a modern day Robin Hood who just wants to help the poor by any means necessary. What I'm saying is this, there are many past files on big thieves waiting to be acted upon. Why be so so choosy when meting out justice? Pounce on them and lock the biggest criminals first and fast. They are the biggest threat we have as a nation! Sonko will then come in later....