Monday, March 22, 2010

When did you last give the waiter a tip?

Yes, when was the last time you showed your appreciation after a quick service and a superb meal even though the waitress wasn't that cute? I love chatting to people whether it's mama mboga, watchie, doctor, matatu driver etc. So the other day I was in this city restaurant just having some fine lunch. I just picked up a conversation with the lady waiter since she wasn't busy at the time. And what she told me left completely astounded. Hers is a life trapped in exploitation, low pay, rude customers, long hours..etc. Talk about unthankful jobs!
The lady duly informed me she gets paid just 200 bob daily (worse than peanuts where are the leaders she voted for?), after enduring all the madness. Some ignorant fellas may think this waitress is foolish to stick to such a job, but what choice does she have? Even with her fine educational background, it's completely hard to find a decent job in Kenya, where universities here are churning out thousands of graduates who can't be absorbed into the local job market. So most people pick any job that comes along praying for a better one later on. For your info, my barber, who happens to receive a generous tip after his service is a graduate but "jobless" when it comes to his exercising his degree.
OK, don't give me that "education only prepares you for the future" nonsense.
To cut a long story short, please be thankful if the service you received was satisfactory, offer a tip if you really afford it! Come on, that's not much considering how much you wasted last weekend in the clubs! On the other case if the service is poor, just don't tip and never return to the shoddy place ever again. I have sat in various pubs and restaurants and I can say tipping is never in our genes as Kenyans. Actually, some waiters and waitresses are so shocked when given, say a twenty bob tip, that they think the customer "forgot" the change. That 20 bob from Wanjiku, Otieno and Mohamed goes a long way in boosting the morale of the waiters and feeding the little ones back home. LET'S TIP!