Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hopeless Citi Hoppas...Gone To The Dogs!

Citi Hoppa's management must be dead asleep as their service to the public continues to go pear shaped, from bad to worse! In the tight and hot battle for commuters, the Citi Hoppa's are outdoing the matatus when it comes to crude behaviour, recklessness and utter greed. Just take a walk along valley road and you will see all the madness which include over-lapping, reckless driving, insults to commuters and over charging which I call out-right theft.

The other day my girlfriend started feeling unwell at work and so we decided to rush and see her doctor near Nairobi Hospital. We decided to take a Citi Hoppa number 46 outside the GPO (Telkom) and the conductor assured the bus would pass outside the Upper Hill Medical Centre which is situated next to Bishop Road off Ralph Bunche Rd. Of Course it was a big lie! The driver refused to use the route even though the road was clear without any jam.

To make things worse, when I alighted at Valley Road, the bus quickly left before my girlfriend could alight and she was driven 200 metres further away, never mind she was vomiting and sick! We were also overcharged for all the madness, 40 bob each, just like those going to Kawangware, never mind that it was a short distance of about 1 kilometre. The main reason we had taken the Citi Hopper was because we had been lied to it would turn left towards Nbi Hosp, but it didn't. For the same ride to where we got dumped, KBS was charging just 20 bob. Talk about a good company going to the dogs! And it's not the first time I have been disappointed by the hopeless Citi Hoppa.