Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nairobi's Notorious Crime Spot!

The Nyayo Stadium junction linking Bunyala Road, Aerodrome slip road and Uhuru Highway has become a death trap to motorists from mid-night to 5.30am, despite a police station being located inside, yep you heard me right, INSIDE the stadium!

The Bunyala Road/Uhuru Highway junction is fast becoming a gangsters' paradise never mind that the Nyayo Stadium police station is just 200 metres away. This is the roundabout just before you reach Nakumatt Mega from the city centre. Criminals are having a field day mugging and even killing innocent Kenyans from mid-night to as early as 5.30 am. These crooks seem to take cover in the nearby cemetery before unleashing terror on Innocent motorist.

The murderous crooks are known to hurl stones at an oncoming vehicle, smashing it's windscreen and many drivers end up crashing due to shock and confusion before being beaten senselessly and getting robbed. A young pilot is said to have been mugged and killed in less than 10 minutes when his vehicle broke down. When his colleagues who he had phoned arrived, they found the victim lying down severely wounded by the merciless thugs.

What is even more annoying and shocking is that there's a police station very near to this dangerous junction which is just a stone throw away. Why the police have not acted despite many complaints including one that was published in Daily Nation's Watchman column remains a mystery. The same police are always quick to erect roadblocks on the nearby Langa'ta Road almost daily without fail and menacingly demand bribes from motorists. The same police particularly enjoy harassing matatu drivers who always have ready cash with them and if they refuse to part with the cash, they risk having their driving licences or stereo's face confiscated!

Something needs to be done urgently to arrest this menace to society and restore confidence in the police force. The first thing to be done should be to transfer all the Nyayo Stadium cops far away from this area. After that the police must move in fast and flush the gang from their hideouts in the cemetery, railway tunnel and nearby golf course. This must be done urgently with great speed before another innocent motorist is killed by these callous animals. If the Kenya police didn't know that this was a dangerous killing field, now they do!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama: The Bling Bling President!

Some real funny but doctored pics of president Obama in Iced out gear just like the famous rapper called Birdman: I have decided not to post the others which are a bit nasty where one shows him purportedly having a lap dance with a hot bimbo.