Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet Another Convicted Mzungu Rapist Freed in Nairobi

Convicted paedophile Jon Wagner in his trademark stone face.
A very wealthy Mzungu who was convicted of drugging and brutally raping underage girls in his Lavington mansion has been freed pending his appeal. The judge Mohammed Warsame freed the American convict and owner of coffee chain Java on just Sh 1m bond which is peanuts to him. His famous and rich lawyer whined that the 15 years which Jon Wagner had been jailed were flawed and unjust although his co-accussed, 2 poor Kenyan women are rotting in jail doing a 10 year stretch each. This is a big letdown by our internationally famous corrupt justice system. I'm not stepping in any JAVA until justice is delivered for the sake of those three young girls who were sexually assaulted!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kenya's Flying Matatus..

This is a military chopper that crashed in Narok last year.
Another day, another rusty bird comes tumbling from the skies still in Narok. It barely makes it in the news as this has become the norm in Kenya. Luckily, the passengers, a father and son, survived by hair's breadth. One crashed in Nyayo High Rise Estate- Nairobi, a few months ago. Another crashed in Narok last year while another one killed several MPs in Isiolo and still another killed ministers Kipkalya Kones and Lorna. How many more must needlessly die before this pathetic Govt swings into action and save us from the killer Mitumba planes? According to KBC website regarding yesterday's plane crash:
"Narok North Senior DO, Yussuf Huka said the plane registration 5YBOK SIHRUH, which was extensively damaged, belonged to Farm Land Aviation Company based in Nairobi.
Huka said the plane's two occupants were headed to Nkorinkori in Narok South District to spray wheat at their farm.
He said the two occupants, a father, Marco Bunn who was the pilot and his son Toby Bunn, sustained various chest injuries and were flown to Nairobi for treatment.
Investigators from the Civil Aviation Industry from Nairobi, rushed to the scene to ascertain the cause of the accident."