Friday, February 19, 2010

Esther's Newest Catch From Pastor Hellon......................

This article was written 5 years ago: QUINCY TIMBERLAKE Alias Fizzle dogg.. is the man to watch!!#nl#;Born Quincy Timberlake at Kethumile,Kwa Zulu-Natal in South Africa...Fizzledogg has undergone alot of life experiences.He's undergone alot of humiliation,torture and undermining of his general struggle.#nl#;Fizzledogg was born in April 22nd,.He underwent the school training from Durban Deep Primary school through to University of Zululand.He went for further studies in Sweden's Goteborg University.But besides that,he went for music studies in Slovenia for 1 year.He came out with an MMu.He's amongst the best under 25 most educated at his level of life.#nl#;Fizzledogg has won alot awards including that from the President Mandela known as Madiba Trophy for being able draw him in pencil,oil and pestle.He's also won an award in being the youngest donator to the street families in 1999.#nl#;Fizzledogg has performed live on stage both as a curtain raiser and co-performer.For the first time in his music career,Fizzledogg staged for the ace of base in 1992 in Capetown.he's also staged for Snoop Dogg,Jagged Edge,Brandy and Alicia Keys(whom romours are spreading around that they're dating).Alica Key has been the closest ace star to Fizzledogg for sometime.She's helped him in his career for along time.Alicia is even arranging with his recording boss Clive davis of J records.#nl#;Fizzledogg is currently doing a recording solely with the OGOPA DJz Production House in Kenya.Ogopa is known for producing national superstars like K-Rupt,Kleptomaniax,Nameless,Wahu,Big-Pin and Mr.Lenny.Fizzledogg is currently doing an album with K-Rupt who's believed to hold a world music tour beginning the december 28th.From South Africa to Australia.#nl#;Fizzledogg has been to 41 countries.He's performed live in 21 and visited 20 countries.#nl#;Fizzledogg is now doing a debut album in Kenya.He's doing a collabo with K-Rupt.Watch out for Cha-Cha Remix,Fizzledogg show,Ngiyabonga,Uxolo and e.t.c

Let's All Pray For Esther Arunga.

Plastic smiles: Pastor Hellon has already identified a new lover for Esther
The fiasco of a press conference yesterday created more storm than clear things up. Hell-on, Esther and Kuyu who is Hell-on's wife. Kuyu: she just sat there like a dummy, never uttered a single word! I'm really scared about Esther's sanity after watching her news conference yesterday. It's evidently clear everything was well choreographed and I bet all the words she spoke were not really hers. She must have been told what to say, when to blink and when to force a smile!

I looked into her eyes and saw a troubled lady who has been brainwashed by some dark forces out there. She tried in vain to smile but clever minds and those who know her saw a forced laughter. Esther has become a shadow of her former self. How such a well educated and beautiful lady let her "mentor".. "pastor" and "business partner" dictate who she can sleep with or marry? Funny enough, Esther broke up with her fiance one Mr Maloba because in her own words "he was flirting around with other girls who are members of the church!"

How can Esther be so naive to think there's a perfect man out there! When Hell-on was asked by journalists about the core foundation and beliefs of his church or cult as some call it, he totally refused to answer such a simple and straight forward question and many people are asking what this man is hiding. He only admitted church members are allowed to dance to secular music and drink long as one doesn't get drunk!

What we know so far is that Hell-on is facing a criminal charge at Kibera magistrate's court for sending threatening and abusive text messages to Mr Maloba. We also now know He and Esther want to plunge into the murky world of Kenyan politics and foolishly delude themselves they stand a chance. We also know that Esther still refuses to go to her parent's home or talk to them on the phone causing pain and anguish to her whole family.

She has also threatened to sue "all the media" for libel and one wonders where she will get millions of shillings to execute such costly exercises that can drag on for ages. And in case she loses the suits, she stands to pay more millions to the media houses in form of court charges. She naively thinks she can take on and win the high powered and famous lawyers who represent media giants like Nation Group.

By calling for a news conference, yelling about at journalists, making a fool of herself and threatening her imaginary enemies, Esther Arunga is clearly playing in the hands of the media, especially the tabloids and FM stations. And that's exactly what they want! Talk about a good gal gone bad....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Must Have Car For The Kenyan Super Rich is....

As we stated before in the very first article when this blog kicked off, every topic goes, we are not choosy. Be it serious scandals or just having some fun. It's all here in bure kabisa!

Back in the day when we were growing up, the must have 'super car' for the rich elite was a Peugeot 504. Most of these cars were bought brand new at Marshalls since the mitumba concept had not fully evolved. Then came the famous Musso from Ssangyong of South Korea. After the dazzling Musso, came the Toyota Prado. I can tell you many local songs have singers boasting about this car! After the Prado came the Toyota VX also called Amazon in UK. This VX giant was in many models like the in the form of Lexus 470 and it's still a very popular car with politicians due to it's durability and versatility in handling local terrain. But nowadays, young rich Kenyans who are minting millions in the I.T industry and stock markets prefer the sleek BMW x5, Mercedes ML, BMW 5 and 7 series and Mercedes E class. Many wealthy Kenyans of Asian origin are fond of the H3 Hummer and this is evident when you drive around their main places of work concentrated in the industrial area. But the question is this, which is the car of choice in year 2010 for the seriously minted Kenyans? These reclusive Kenyans are largely unknown but super wealthy and reside in posh areas like Mzima Springs, Lavi, Karen, Muthaiga, Runda, Kitisuru, Nyali-Msa and Gigiri. Well, I have done some serious research and I can conclusively reveal that the car of choice for these multi-millionaires is BMW X6. Please don't ask me why. All I know is that a Mitumba BMW x6 will set you back around Ksh 10m. But many of the x6 coming in Kenya are mostly brand new and sourced from UK, South Africa and Germany so their cost is higher considering these cars are air-lifted here in Kenya. Don't forget that the good old tax-man at KRA has a big appetite for such machines!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KTN's Esther Arunga Hypnotized by Jazz Maestro Hellon in Runda Church

UPDATES: The Daily Nation broke this story yesterday although the story was hidden in middle pages and didn't give any clue or names of those involved. I picked the story and gave it "legs" by revealing the true identities of the "ghosts" behind the story and told how Esther quit her job, dumped her husband to be and eloped with some self styled jazz teacher called Hellon. I'm informed Esther has joined some form of cult based in Runda and it's membership is composed of some obscure rich Kenyans and cute ladies. Hellon is the boss there and lives in a rented palatial property in the up-market Runda. Esther has gone missing in action and her family and workmates haven't seen her for weeks! Her family is distressed to say the least. The saga continues.............Well keep u posted.
She's a TV star in Kenya, she's beautiful and famous but she has just been hypnotized by a weird jazz musician called Hellon (real name Ekkaleo Joesph Hellon) who has a church in Runda. Step forward Esther Arunga. So why did this cute and well trained lawyer-cum-journalist leave her high flying job to join some dubious character who was also a judge in the recently concluded Tusker Project Fame? According to well placed sources, Esther who was engaged and set to get married was convinced by "pastor" Hellon to dump his man after she had joined his Runda church. Now family and friends have not heard from her because she's sulking and refusing to answer her phone having being mesmerized in her new church's activities! Apparently Hellon's "church" is said to have many cute ladies some who reside there "helping" in divine chores. The church is weirdly named Finger of God. Come on Esther...go home for "heaven" sake!