Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UoN Coackroaches Sent Packing

Rioting thugs from Nairobi Uni who were stoning, burning and looting for the last 3 days have now been kicked out. I saw from a distance as some of these sick goons terrified and robbed a helpless woman near the university way roundabout two days ago. The whole area that occupies the UoN, from Mamlaka Road to KBC area appear cool and calm thanks to the swift action taken by their VC prof Magogha. Gone are the days when SONU elections used to be peaceful and produce credible leaders like Kabando wa Kabando, Danson Mungatana, Wafula Buke, James Orengo among others. These days, SONU leaders are elected purely on tribal lines and then swiftly ally themselves with leaders from their respective tribal backgrounds purely for financial motives. I support the closure of this once famous and revered learning institution until common sense prevails in the student's small brains. And did I say Koinange Street will also be calmer especially at night?