Friday, January 15, 2010

Muslims in Nairobi Riot over a Convicted Preacher of Hate from Jamaica.

A fundamentalist chants while brandishing a sword in broad daylight outside Jamia Mosque.
-A tiny hardcore clique of chanting Islamists some brandishing swords battled anti-riot police in Nairobi over the Govt's attempts to deport a CONVICTED jihadist called Al Faisal who is banned from preaching in his own country of Jamaica. All the airlines have refused to have the convicted Jamaican on board and the Kenyan Govt has only one alternative, to hire a chartered plane which will cost us millions. We hope the Govt will quickly deport this undesirable element from Kenya, whatever the cost. There's no way we can allow a "preacher" who calls for mass murder of non-Muslims and Jews visit here. Let's bear in mind the twisted and warped Jamaican preacher Sheikh Al Faisal was jailed for 5 years in UK for preaching hate and mass murder. The Muslims in Kenya are sending a negative image to the rest of the country who may view them with lots of suspicion after this sorry saga.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Great Painful Betrayal....

"Corruption will cease to be a way of life in Kenya. I call upon all those members of my government and public officers accustomed to corrupt practices to know and clearly understand that there will be no sacred cow under my government."- president elect Mwai Kibaki Dec. 2002.
..And down the line, so many scandals while billions are lost and no one has been convicted. From Maize scandals, Passats, Free Primary Education, Triton, IDP funds, De La Rue, Grand Regency, Anglo Leasing, Mobitelea,....the list is too long and shameful to continue! Poor Kenyans, what do we do now?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mwakwere: What a laughing stock!

Ha! ha! ha! ha! Even cartoonists are having a field day at the expense of Kenya's most hated minister the always under-performing Chirau Ali Mwakwere, the Matuga MP and Transport minister. This guy has become a complete joke and an embarrassment to the Govt and all decent Kenyans. You know that common stereotype about the Coastal people lazing around all day? He just sadly makes it stick.

As his docket hits rock-bottom in rot, the guy who loves belting Lingala tunes in press conferences just snoozes as we all suffer and tourists swear never to return to Kenya. Oh how we miss Michuki when he was the boss at the Transport Dept! Mwakere blames the whole mess on everyone else but himself. He's at pains to explain why things were orderly when Michuki was boss unlike today. This sickening comedy can only happen in Kenya. Wapi Kibaki when you need him, or should we talk about the composition of his family members so he can come out of his warm cocoon?