Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here We Go..Dream Comes True!

So why Bure Kabisa? I know you may ask that. First it's because I wanted to use a common Swahili word or phrase. Second, this is the first word on my lips when I get vexed/angry/irritated just like I was this morning with the Matatu strike around the country. Second, the phrase has been widely popularized by the one and only old guy we sometimes love to hate, step forward Baba Jimmy, AKA Mwai wa Kibaki. You can almost hear him screaming.."Hio mutu ni bure kabisa..!" from his huge imposing white hideout somewhere near the Arboretum...Just listen carefully.

I have always wanted to have a blog I can call my own and today marks the blessing of my dream coming real. The main reason why I have often been scared of starting a blog is because I felt time was lacking to manage the blog since I'm often too busy trapped in the daily rat race of this country called Kenya.

But with the new year (only five days into 2010!) I have decided to be a go getter since life is just too short to watch stuff going on as you sit and watch with all sorts of excuses under the sun. So if you have a dream, please dream no longer and go for it!

This blog will be for anything and everything under the sun that I want to get off my chest be it social, political, economic, environmental..etc. But whatever I write will be of great importance to me and my readers..hope to have some following as time goes by. So to all dirty and greedy politicians, selfish drivers, raving loonies, bad hotels, poor services etc..I will dump you in the dust bin!

I will also try to inject some humour into my posts since that is precisely what is lacking in most blogs that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Not that I'm full of humour, well can try to lighten up your day... So help me God!

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