Friday, October 1, 2010

"Sonko Is An Animal in Bed"- Claims His Ex

- Urban Legend Sonko is not only good in drawing bad cheques, jumping bail or escaping from jail but has other hidden talent he refuses to share with his fans: he's the greatest lover of all! This not so shocking revelation is from a lady who works in the media and who claims to be his ex is bound to excite even more idle minds that never tire of talking about the flashy new kid in town who is famed for his deep pockets and love of flashy ice.

The said ex, name withheld for obvious reasons is yapping all over to anyone who cares to listen that when she was 'pushing' with man Sonko several years ago, he was "an animal" when it comes exercising his waist in the bedroom department. The lady, with her eyes beaming told us how Sonko would bump and grind like a love struck teenager till the wee hours of the morning just before the birds could start humming. "He's the greatest lover of them all!" She whined in our office as scores gathered to listen to her not knowing whether to believe, laugh, cry or roll down and die.

So there you go for more juicy gossip about man like Sonko which is not too harsh unlike the ones about Kamiti and bad cheques. And with that bit of harmless gossip, Sonko is bound to get himself more fans in the name of bored housewives whose obsession is watching cheap day time soap operas from Mexico and lots of predictable Nigerian "movies" if we can call them that. I hope next time Sonko rides for his campaigns the bored housewives won't hurl their panties as missiles to the greatest lover of them all!