Monday, September 6, 2010

These Bloody Politicians Can't Even Manage a Village Cattle Dip!

First they shamelessly invited a wanted mass murderer on the most important day since 1963 when we celebrated our Independence. Can someone please explain to me what we gained as a nation by inviting Al-Bashir and humiliating the Southern Sudanese? Instead of the world joining us in that fete and talking about our new born country, two weeks later, everyone is still talking about how the day was hijacked, airport shut and how Al-Bashir gatecrashed our party.

Then the sham census results that cost the tax payer over 12 billion shillings were announced after months and months of doctoring the figures and dithering. They came as fraudulent as expected. Nothing is adding up, whether you text for the figures using the special number given or checked the 'official' figures that were released by minister Oparanya. So much wasted time and money in the shambolic exercise. We never seem to get anything right in Africa. And yet, the minister in charge of the whole bogus exercise is still in office collecting a whooping 1 million plus- per month in salary and allowances. What a joke this nation is!