Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Al-Shabaab Targetting Kenya?

I shudder to pause and think what our police are doing to keep us safe from Al-Shabaab militia who have just bombed and killed innocent soccer fans in Uganda. 64 totally innocent Ugandans are reported dead and that figure is just a conservative estimate. Intelligence offices of our police are filled to the brim with hundreds of files of unsolved crimes like the killings of TJ Mboya, JM Kariuki, Oscar Foundation officials and more recently the twin bombing at Uhuru Park where NO crusaders were targeted.

Kenya/Somali borders is long and porous. Terrorists can sneak in and leave at will and they do as in the case several bombings in Kenya over the last 12 years. Kikambala Paradise Hotel bombing is still fresh in our minds. Those who are foolish enough to get caught can obviously pay their way out of trouble. Those illegally living here have bribed their way to our pathetic, corrupt and shambolic immigration department for ID cards as long as they can grease the palms of the staff.

More criminals from Somalia are using their piracy money to invest here, no questions asked since we seem to be too busy entrenched in our ethnic hate! The fact is that we have so many illegal aliens and no one seems to have the slightest clue who they are and their actual figures. I have no problem with legal asylum seekers who have fled terror and anarchy. We have a moral obligation to assist them especially women and children. They are legal since they have followed the right screening procedures.

It would not be too far fetched to imagine some sleeper cells that exist in Kenya as terrorists wait to strike our land.Can we surely rely on our police force which is historically lazy and corrupt with nothing much to show for? Absolutely never, especially not one when they are reported to be on a go slow strike. What about our lawmakers? They are just too busy lining their pockets from our taxes while they demand more pay without any shame or remorse.

I really don't think Somalis are doing enough to fix their country which has been in turmoil for the last 15 years. Their MPs can be seen in Nairobi driving top of the range SUVs or lazing around in big hotels. It's time they were prodded to return back and fix their nation. A stable and prosperous Somalia will definitely result in a more stable East Africa. We wish them well!

In the meanwhile as far as our security as a nation is concerned, it's everybody for himself and God for us all. You are on your own buddy!