Sunday, February 28, 2010

Greedy Kenyans Enter The Pub Business.

I recently had a nasty experience when I went to watch footie in some city joint. My evening was ruined by a huge bill which landed on my table. I couldn't possibly believe that beer was being sold at almost 200 bob per bottle in a normal restaurant which had a horrible service. It's one of the many joints where the waiter will disappear with your change for hours until you wrestle with the crowd to find him or her which is a harder task than finding a needle in the haystack.

Welcome the the world of greedy entrepreneurs who have swamped the entertainment industry to make a quick buck before greed blows on their businesses. There's a lot of greed out there. I know to start any biz in Nai is a costly affair where one is reluctantly conned by being asked to pay a "goodwill" fee which can run into millions. So obviously many businessmen want to recoup that quickly but by hiking prices and ripping off Kenyans, they soon face imminent collapse.

Why should some joints sell beer as if it's gold yet there are some nice pubs out there which sell at reasonable offer? Why should Kenyans entertain these rip off joints and give in to exploitation and greed? It's about time Kenyans voted with their wallets and said NO to such establishments that are just after only one thing, a quick buck. My free advise to these deluded pubs is simple. Respect your clients, be reasonably priced and offer a decent service. You will live long to enjoy the fruits of labour.