Monday, March 7, 2016

Glad to be back....

I have been away for too long. Away from blogging and away from caring about my beloved country. Yes, six long years I gave up on blogging and caring about Kenya. During that time, I got truly blessed and got married to the most beautiful lady in the word (Coz I say so myself!) We got blessed with the most beautiful girl in the word..yep! And then I started caring once again. Caring about the good old KE. Over the last few weeks, I could not fool myself any longer. I had some sleepless nights thinking about my young family and my one and only country. Some few days back I went to my daughter's bed and peeped at this princess as she lay there innocently sleeping in her bed. And as many headlines about corruption went racing through my mind I was like, "What future for this girl?" That's because our generation's future seems to have been screwed, squandered and raped by those entrusted to manage this great country. And on that note, I decide I will start caring and fighting for Kenya once again. I owe it to my daughter and millions of other young Kenyans. I will do it online and in any other ways I can. If everyone does their part, we can build heavy pressure and hopefully bring some change that we so desperately need. Nothing comes on a silver platter. Life ain't easy, we have to keep fighting. Maybe I had not given up after all. Perhaps it was a well deserved break. I'm glad many decent Kenyans kept the fire burning. I'm glad to be joining them. Please keep an eye on this blog for many more updates and let us interact the best way we can. Funny that after such a long hiatus, I never forgot my log in details for this blog! Ahsanteni!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Person of the Year in 2010.

My person of the year is none other than Martha Wangari wa Karua. Bold. Decisive. Intelligent. Patriotic. We ought to think deeply about a woman prezzo calling the shots from the big house on the hill. Who has bigger 'balls' than Martha. Of course she's not perfect, she's not a saint, but she has proved many times she has guts and stamina. Male politicians and presidents in Kenya have brought nothing but tears, mass murder, corruption and tribalism. I urge all Kenyan women who are indeed the majority to back one of their own. They should stop the jealousy and envy amongst themselves and back Ms Karua. I believe she would make an excellent CEO of this once great nation. Keep up the momentum Madam Iron Lady!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Leave Sonko Alone And Go For the Well Known Big Criminals.

Of course the police want to be 'seen to be doing something' in regard to recent waves of corruption and soar away crime in good old Kenya. So they go for Sonko, the newly elected Makadara MP. This is after they had given him a certificate of good conduct to vie for the said seat! The police even comically took him to court today, late in the evening knowing very well that the court was closed for the day and the good judge possibly sipping cold tusker somewhere away from the madness of criminals.

Why can't the bungling and inept police, voted continuously for over 5 years as the most corrupt institution, go for the real big fish? If indeed they wanted, they would be spoilt for choice. From Goldenberg scumbags, Triton thieves, Anglo Leasing bandits and Grand Regency looters? Hell, they could even opt to look into Passat deal, De la Rue, Free primary education, IDP funds, Maize scam etc. These are the biggest thieves, liars, crooks and cheats ruining our economy and lives of innocent Kenyans who continue dying due to lack of medicare, bad roads, lack of relief food and books for kids in schools. What about the land grabbers and cocaine smugglers lurking inside the Govt that were recently named by the American ambassador?

I'm not saying that Sonko is innocent or guilty, that's not for me to judge. Most people view him as a modern day Robin Hood who just wants to help the poor by any means necessary. What I'm saying is this, there are many past files on big thieves waiting to be acted upon. Why be so so choosy when meting out justice? Pounce on them and lock the biggest criminals first and fast. They are the biggest threat we have as a nation! Sonko will then come in later....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Highest Paid CEOs In Kenya 2012.

After some investigations which took me two good weeks, here's my verdict.

1. Michael Joseph- Safaricom...Ksh 3.1M Per Month

2. James Mwangi- Equity Bank...Ksh 2.8M P/M

3. Sani Adetu- East African Breweries...Ksh 2.7M P/M

4. Adan Mohamed- Barclays Bank.....Ksh 2.5M P/M

5. Linus Gitahi- Nation Media Group....Ksh 2.4M P/M

6. Martin Oduor Otieno- KCB....Ksh 2.2M P/M

7. Titus Naikuni- Kenya Airways....Ksh 2.1M P/M

8. Les Baillie- Safaricom CFO....Ksh 2M P/M

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a Senseless Waste of Young Lives!

You should be able to enjoy driving your car without much worry on any given day here in Nairobi and indeed throughout the country, right? Wrong! We have hundreds of unqualified and drunk drivers on our roads at any given time ready to smash right into your vehicle. In fact, drunks can be seen driving even at noon without a care in the world. One only needs to drive at night from around 11pm along Lang'ata road and Waiyaki Way and see the unbelievable carnage caused by reckless young people in their souped up Subaru Imprezza's and Forresters!

These young men and women are mostly drunk and hit the road like Kamikaze pilots ready for a suicide mission. As it's always too common, they are always dead on time. And what for at such tender age of 25? Even if you are one careful driver who happens to obey all the known traffic rules, be careful since a mad man may plough right into you any time here in Nairobi!

Another menace comes from Matatu madness who flout even the simplest of known road courtesy. The brains of matatu drivers are usually fuming and filled with stress to the brim. The hot head that is matatu driver is constantly thinking about saving the next minute or two and making an extra shilling here and there before he ends the shift. As it's always too common, he ends up banging right into an innocent driver or mowing a innocent pedestrian. This ultimately ends up draining all that he has worked for so hard for the last one year or so.

And where are the notoriously lazy and inefficient traffic cops as all the madness is going on? Of course, they are busy out there milking our pockets dry in tiniest of bribes. One should basically be able to enjoy his ride without much worry. But in Kenya, a vehicles is best described as a gift that became a curse. You are on your own when it comes to driving on Kenyan roads.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Sonko Is An Animal in Bed"- Claims His Ex

- Urban Legend Sonko is not only good in drawing bad cheques, jumping bail or escaping from jail but has other hidden talent he refuses to share with his fans: he's the greatest lover of all! This not so shocking revelation is from a lady who works in the media and who claims to be his ex is bound to excite even more idle minds that never tire of talking about the flashy new kid in town who is famed for his deep pockets and love of flashy ice.

The said ex, name withheld for obvious reasons is yapping all over to anyone who cares to listen that when she was 'pushing' with man Sonko several years ago, he was "an animal" when it comes exercising his waist in the bedroom department. The lady, with her eyes beaming told us how Sonko would bump and grind like a love struck teenager till the wee hours of the morning just before the birds could start humming. "He's the greatest lover of them all!" She whined in our office as scores gathered to listen to her not knowing whether to believe, laugh, cry or roll down and die.

So there you go for more juicy gossip about man like Sonko which is not too harsh unlike the ones about Kamiti and bad cheques. And with that bit of harmless gossip, Sonko is bound to get himself more fans in the name of bored housewives whose obsession is watching cheap day time soap operas from Mexico and lots of predictable Nigerian "movies" if we can call them that. I hope next time Sonko rides for his campaigns the bored housewives won't hurl their panties as missiles to the greatest lover of them all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mike Sonko's Win Equals Karua's Own Goal?

1. Have you guys noticed Iron Lady Martha Karua is laying low after her party's big win instead of being out there celebrating?

2. Do you know with Sonko's victory (a very dodgy character indeed to some) Martha Karua may have scored an own goal?

3. Do you know PNU was shell shocked after the defeat since they were so confident of winning to an extent that PNU's chairman George Kinuthia Muthengi wa Saitoti didn't even bother to campaign for his buddies?

4. Did you know after Saitoti learnt of the defeat, his skin crawled in anger and his hair stood straight. A very close insider told me an angry Saitoti banged the table with his fist and screamed, "I want a file of that Makanga Sonko opened immediately!" Saitoti wants the KRA, KACC, CID et all trawling Sonko's life history, his wealth, girlfriends, wives, vehicles, telephone numbers which are already bugged, his bank accounts etc.

5. Do you know Sonko's win will be used to tarnish Iron Lady in the coming weeks? Already NSIS under the command of Major General Gichangi is working very hard on it to an extent of posting in various blogs including here allegations that Sonko is a drugs baron who is financing Narc-Kenya?

Watch this space. Someone has rattled the snake which will soon bite back. PNU thugs will not take the defeat lying down. Some PNU big shots who are so powerful to an extent they decide who breathes and who goes six feet under are busy doing what they do best- SCHEMING!!!!!!!

Sonko who is so politically naive should stop yapping around that he has 200 bank accounts and a ship. This man is over excited and his handlers are clearly letting him down. He should lay low, probably take a well deserved holiday until things cool down. Politics, he will learn very fast can be very dirty. He's dancing himself lame even before the music has begun!