Friday, January 15, 2010

Muslims in Nairobi Riot over a Convicted Preacher of Hate from Jamaica.

A fundamentalist chants while brandishing a sword in broad daylight outside Jamia Mosque.
-A tiny hardcore clique of chanting Islamists some brandishing swords battled anti-riot police in Nairobi over the Govt's attempts to deport a CONVICTED jihadist called Al Faisal who is banned from preaching in his own country of Jamaica. All the airlines have refused to have the convicted Jamaican on board and the Kenyan Govt has only one alternative, to hire a chartered plane which will cost us millions. We hope the Govt will quickly deport this undesirable element from Kenya, whatever the cost. There's no way we can allow a "preacher" who calls for mass murder of non-Muslims and Jews visit here. Let's bear in mind the twisted and warped Jamaican preacher Sheikh Al Faisal was jailed for 5 years in UK for preaching hate and mass murder. The Muslims in Kenya are sending a negative image to the rest of the country who may view them with lots of suspicion after this sorry saga.


Anonymous said...

You can be sure the KNHRC will not say a word about the policeman who was shot dead in the line of duty. These people only care about the rights of the thugs.
Kajwang as usual is busy selling passports and birth certificates while defending foreigners like miguna just because he can.
Raila since he gets that stolen money comfortably supervices the sleeze.
Kenya tuko kwa shida.

Anonymous said...

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