Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mwakwere: What a laughing stock!

Ha! ha! ha! ha! Even cartoonists are having a field day at the expense of Kenya's most hated minister the always under-performing Chirau Ali Mwakwere, the Matuga MP and Transport minister. This guy has become a complete joke and an embarrassment to the Govt and all decent Kenyans. You know that common stereotype about the Coastal people lazing around all day? He just sadly makes it stick.

As his docket hits rock-bottom in rot, the guy who loves belting Lingala tunes in press conferences just snoozes as we all suffer and tourists swear never to return to Kenya. Oh how we miss Michuki when he was the boss at the Transport Dept! Mwakere blames the whole mess on everyone else but himself. He's at pains to explain why things were orderly when Michuki was boss unlike today. This sickening comedy can only happen in Kenya. Wapi Kibaki when you need him, or should we talk about the composition of his family members so he can come out of his warm cocoon?

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