Monday, March 7, 2016

Glad to be back....

I have been away for too long. Away from blogging and away from caring about my beloved country. Yes, six long years I gave up on blogging and caring about Kenya. During that time, I got truly blessed and got married to the most beautiful lady in the word (Coz I say so myself!) We got blessed with the most beautiful girl in the word..yep! And then I started caring once again. Caring about the good old KE. Over the last few weeks, I could not fool myself any longer. I had some sleepless nights thinking about my young family and my one and only country. Some few days back I went to my daughter's bed and peeped at this princess as she lay there innocently sleeping in her bed. And as many headlines about corruption went racing through my mind I was like, "What future for this girl?" That's because our generation's future seems to have been screwed, squandered and raped by those entrusted to manage this great country. And on that note, I decide I will start caring and fighting for Kenya once again. I owe it to my daughter and millions of other young Kenyans. I will do it online and in any other ways I can. If everyone does their part, we can build heavy pressure and hopefully bring some change that we so desperately need. Nothing comes on a silver platter. Life ain't easy, we have to keep fighting. Maybe I had not given up after all. Perhaps it was a well deserved break. I'm glad many decent Kenyans kept the fire burning. I'm glad to be joining them. Please keep an eye on this blog for many more updates and let us interact the best way we can. Funny that after such a long hiatus, I never forgot my log in details for this blog! Ahsanteni!

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