Tuesday, September 21, 2010

By Election Analysis

I'm happy coz thuggish Ndolo is now history. Trust me you will never ever hear that horrible name as far as politics of Nairobi is concerned. He spent/burnt millions but sober folks like me knew his fate had already been sealed.

He will forever be remembered for his "weka tyre" speech urging his supporters to set ablaze Kikuyu opponents. He's still under investigations by KACC for misuse of CDF cash back in the day when he was MP. It's good riddance to bad rubbish!

I said here 2 months ago Sonko Mbuvi was the man to watch in Makadara. The guy has done lots of good job in the slums like paying for driving licenses for all the makangas on that route, starting car wash biz for the youth, employing lots of youth in his matatus, bars and construction biz etc. When the young folks looked at him they saw one of their own, even in dressing sense. I still don't know his real name, is it George/Gideon/Michael?

As for George Thuo the elitist snob is concerned, now we know now he indeed stole the elections in 2007. You will always find Kabogo eating mandazi or drinking beer in one of those dingy and sweaty places in Thika or Nairobi together with the common folks.

But not the elitist Thuo whose buddies are rich and famous land barons like Uhuru. Thuo can now go back and concentrate in managing his run down Citi Hoppas which are famed for ripping off customers especialy travelling short distances. He has been left with a huge bill but lucky guy it won't dent his big bank balance. You can check in my blog an article I did long ago called "hopeless city hoppas!"

Maina Kamanda the former hawker and councillor was arrogant to say the least to a point of not appearing in any talk show on TV. Even PNU mandarins foolishly thought the trophy was in the bag that they avoided campaigning for him. This arrogance floored him and you will never hear him again in politics after being rejected twice. He has a huge tab to pick for the petition and by election campaign.

As for madam Bishop, well she had to sweat it out on her own after being kind of isolated by her own party who thought Kamanda would win. Wanjiru fought tough campaigns and could be seen criss crossing from one TV studio to the next never mind she had campaigned against the new constitution. People looked at her and voted for her as a person and her party never played any significance. This woman, like her or hate her fought a good fight and deserved the win! She's emerged as a tough nut to crack and hopefully she will go for the Guvnor of Nai. Who know?

Kabogo was a bitter man from the start coz he always believed he had won in 2007 and rightly so and thus proved his point with a well deserved landslide. I have met Kabogo twice in recent months and believe me his sight is set on higher things like being Guvnor of Kiambu county. This man has magnetic appeal and is very likeable.

He has the deep pockets to go for the county Guvnor and huge popularity. Those who know his humble abode in Nyali Mombasa which is the size of state house know what I mean when I say he's the real sonko- a man of means. Only the son of Jomo can match that as far as Kiambu is concerned but Jomo Jnr has his eyes trained on bigger offices of the land if the Hague doesn't do him.

Questions will also be raised after Jomo jnr lost in Juja his own turf since it's part of Kiambu where Iron Lady Karua triumphed, mind you she's from far away Kirinyaga. It was a big triumph for the Iron Lady as far as influence in Central politics is concerned.

My 2 cents worth.


Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, Siasa za Kenya ni mbovu. Is it true that 2 of these guys have made their moneys in unknown businesses aka drug dealings? If so what does this potent for Kenyans and their constiruents. Is true that we care more about our pockets than our morals?
If we can elect criminals to parliament, and not care about their past, then Kenya is doomed to fail.

Anonymous said...

Just one correction. The "weka tyre" comment was directed at the KPLC workers who wanted to disconnect illegal power connections in the slums. So please, let us avoid breeding tribal animosity where non exists.

Anonymous said...

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