Friday, August 13, 2010

Sorry Guys But Truth Be Told..I'm Beginning to Like Man Tinga...

Over the last two years, I have been a very harsh critic of Rt Hon Prime Minister Raila Odinga AKA "Fabregas, Tinga, Captain, Agwambo, Arap Mibei, Jamba etc". But I'm now seriously considering endorsing him for the highest office in Kenya come 2012. I'm beginning to like lots of actions he's taking and words he's talking because he's striking all the right tones. I know he can do better and that's why I'm holding my endorsement for a few more weeks. But compared to other presidential contenders/pretenders/wannabees, Raila seems to be way ahead of the pack. This is because the said pretenders are bogged down in legal cases that involve fraud, election violence and land grabbing. Others like Ruto are busy living a big fat lie while they build castles in the air as far as patriotism is concerned. True, Raila is not a saint and no one is perfect. But most of us can relate to his vision, hope and aspirations for mother Kenya. I think Raila would make a great President assisted by Martha Karua or what do you think? Of course a week in politics is like eternity and lots of stuff can happen in between. We still have about 2 years to go to the ballot and the vote will separate the wheat from the chuff. Yet so far although I hate his party, I like the leader!


Anonymous said...


I will take Raila seriously when he will apologize for branding Kikuyu's kabila adui and supervised their near genocide in 2008 to get some power.
The man who also participated in the bloody 82 coup need to convince me that he cares more for Kenya and Kenyans than for his personal gratification and enrichmentcoz the blood trail he has left behind in pursuit of power SPEAKS VOLUMES TO THE CONTRARY.
Let him also return Malindi squatters land and pay back the poor Nyanza peasants whose money he took for molasses shares but he made it a personal company after the NDP/KANU merger.

KALONZO is the only corrupt free, non violent presidential candidate ho practises politics of reconciliation. He showed his diplomatic nature during the recent constitutional process. He is the man many Kenyans will vote for in 2012. He has not surrounded himself with crooks, thieves and killers like Raila.


ME said...

I also think that he deserves to be given an opportunity to oversee the implementation of the new constitution.

It is a pity that those who fought for the 2nd liberation are not any where near power. "Kanu" is still ruling. Former vice-presidents are now; president, DPM & minister for local government and minister for internal security. The kanu chairman is the minister for finance. Former kanu organizing secretary is now the VP.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa, I have just stumbled agaist your blog. I am no Raira lover, but I think the man could be a great Preso, atleast better than the incubent and even the previous one.

Anonymous said...

Most people hate Raila for whom they think he is and not their experience of him. Raila is not everyone's cap of tea. But the man is a worker and organizer.
Most of people relly on hearsay about him and some even outrightly lay. But other Kenyans takes these allegations as gospel truth. Look at his record in the last 3 year. I am impressed. I don't know about you. Unless you are using a biased prism (tribal or otherwise).