Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kibaki is obviously in NO camp!

There are widespread rumours that Kibaki is singing YES during the day then leading the "NO" team at night.

Here are some intriguing facts:

1. Kibaki has never been a reformer for the 50 years he has been in politics!
2. All Central province MPs are also singing YES during the day but holding secret NO meetings at night.
3. Kibaki is a staunch Catholic and we know the Catholics are singing a loud NO to the new constitution.
4. How comes no one has been arrested two months after the words "National Security" were criminally sneaked in the draft yet AG Amos Wako blamed the NSIS? (National Security Intelligence Service)
5. The secretive NSIS which is headed by Major Gichangi who is also from Othaya takes it's orders from only one person, the president of the Republic of Kenya!
6. How comes after a whole 48 hours since the Uhuru Park bombing, no one has been arrested or interrogated?
7.How comes Ruto who is in NO was not arrested and taken to court yet he's on record as saying there will be a big war between Christians and Muslims if the draft constitution is passed?
8. How comes Kibaki's biggest friends and advisers like Michuki, Karume, Joe Wanjui etc have not been heard during this debate and they appear to have gone into hiding?
9. If YES wins, Raila's political fortunes will dramatically rise and may catapult him into state house. Do you think Kibaki can be happy with a Raila's presidency?
10. How comes the vocal Jimmy Kibaki, Judy Kibaki and Lucy Kibaki are also very silent?


Anonymous said...

I have contacted the NSIS and they are busy tracking whoever M-Pesa is. I hope young man you have a good lawyer coz you will know why lying and spreading falcified information online is illegal.

Anonymous said...

This is not true.