Monday, February 1, 2010

President Jacob Zuma: A laughing stock at home and abroad.

Wild Antics: SA president dancing to the tune "where is my machine gun!" at a recent political rally.
South Africa's colourful president and proud polygamist Jacob Zuma is never far from controversy, or is he? He is now claimed to have fathered a love child with a girl young enough to be his daughter! And newspapers across the world are jeering at the most powerful man in South Africa and ironically there's nothing he can do! "Jacob Zuma is father for 20th time, but not by one of his three wives!" Screamed the widely read Guardian of UK. Zuma apologized profusely 3 years ago for sleeping with an HIV woman without any protection thus undermining war on Aids.

But if true that he has fathered a love child, it clearly shows old habits die hard, sleeping again without any form of protection. It should be noted that both the young victims of Zuma's restless waist are daughters of his best friends! Talk about leaving the wolf to tend the sheep. This man can clearly pounce on women who are not his despite having 3 wives and he's rumored to be hunting a fourth and fifth for marital bliss. We can laugh and joke about this man who loves singing "bring my machine gun" in political rallies, but one thing is very certain. Zuma does make the legendary Nelson Mandela look very, very dull and painfully boring!

Africa has had it's share of colourful big men before, but the last time we had such a divisive and scandalous leaders was decades ago when the likes of Iddi Amin and Mobutu Seseko reigned supreme. South Africa is hosting the world cup this June. Will the media concentrate on the beautiful game or on the scandals, some on the way I believe, of Jacob Zuma? With a leader like this, South Africa is definitely living in the past.


Anonymous said...

This is part of the statement released by an ANC official:

"By being involved with any other person, President Zuma is not guilty of any offence and he has not breached our constitution or any of our laws," he added.

Bloody hell! South Africa has gone to the dogs and joined the ranks of other failed banana republics in Africa. Very shameful indeed.

Anonymous said...

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