Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thieves and Crooks Working in Mombasa Port

Crooked employees at the port are causing a nightmare to hard working taxpayers by stealing containers and goods with mind boggling impunity. If you import a vehicle, high chances are that the tyres will be changed with some worn out ones, the jack, indicators and the stereo will be missing. The crooks also love vandalising cars just for their own kicks. All this madness is executed at the expense of those decent and hard working Kenyans who risk their millions when they import goods through the port of Mombasa. In a recent report published in the Daily Nation, it shows how cartels also fleece the Govt when containers are released without any payment of duty. In some other cases, the containers are just out rightly stolen in broad daylight.

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Anonymous said...

damn! everyone's a thief in kenya, esp politicians. pole sana Kimzal